Amigo Platform

Amigo is supported by a technology platform built to meet the requirements of enterprise innovation.

Key capabilities

Data Dictionary

Amigo collects, organises and normalises data from across the enterprise to make it useful and reusable across the digital experience.

Website Overlay

Amigo creates an overlay on top of the existing website to allow experiences to be delivered intelligently and natively on legacy IT.

Modular Plugins

Amigo’s library of modular plugins lets us spin up new experiences quickly while plugging them seamlessly into the existing environment.

Built for enterprise innovation

Innovation requires new user experiences

To innovate in the core business, new user experiences need to be delivered natively to existing systems. They need to rely on existing infrastructure and should not confuse or disrupt the user experience.

User experiences need to be understood as complete journeys

Building experiences that are customer-centric, rather than business-centric, is essential to corporate innovation. According to McKinsey’s research into customer experience, “journey performance is significantly more strongly linked to economic outcomes than are touchpoints alone.”

We orchestrate each touchpoint in the journey from reusable components

New user journeys can only be delivered at the speed corporate innovation requires when they are built quickly from reusable, modular components. Each touchpoint in a journey must be configured from modules that can be changed easily in response to changing business needs and incoming data.

Orchestrations are overlaid on legacy technology in real time

New user experiences need to be overlaid on top of legacy technology without interrupting the user. The underlying code base cannot be changed in the flexible way required for experimentation in the customer experience. Innovative new experiences need to be switched on and off with no consequence to minimise business risk.


For speed

Modular plugins

We reengineer experiences from reusable, orthogonal components.

Single tag implementation

The platform gets set up in seconds with a single JavaScript tag.

For great user experiences


Deliver experiences that recognise users as individuals.


Serve different journeys to different customer segments, according to traffic source, customer data and on-site behaviour.


Join up the customer journey with email, social sharing and offline.

Smooth UX

Asynchronous loading with anti-flicker and lightning response times

For handling data

Data and events dictionary

We organise and normalise data to make it useful across the user experience.

Split testing

Split test entire experiences, journeys or multiple components

Analytics integrations

Pipe data straight into existing analytics tools, including Google Analytics.

CRM integrations

We can integrate with existing CRM systems, including Salesforce.

For the enterprise

Global availability

Leverage a globally-available platform based securely on Google Cloud.


Simply serve audiences across territories with different languages, business contexts, and regulatory environments.

Automated testing

Rely on a test bot and alerts system using computer vision

Certified stable and secure

Amigo is trusted by global brands to deliver digital experiences globally. You can check our service uptime on our live status page.

Amigo is certified for ISO27001 and fully-compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

"Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. It is easier to justify significant investment in personalisation once the data is there to support it."

Ivan Gowan
Head of Digital Experience

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