Amigo Platform

A lightweight DXP alternative designed to enable constraint-based innovation

A pragmatic approach to digital experience

In an ideal world, businesses would have a unified digital experience platform. It would be genuinely omni-channel and reflect a single customer view.

However in reality, businesses spend over 5 times as much time and money integrating digital experience technologies with their stack than they do actually delivering better experiences (source: Gartner).

How our platform is built for a different approach to the digital experience

Amigo lets you launch and manage digital experiences quickly, affordably, and without spending your time thinking about IT.

Simple integration

Get started with a single JavaScript tag

All you need to do is add the Amigo tag to your site. We take care of everything from then on.

This simple integration helps you embrace the speed constraint. As you never need to replace the tag, there is no integration work between projects.

Faster projects are more likely to complete and have a much lower cost of failure.

We take care of the rest

Amigo doesn’t interfere with your internal IT teams or development sprints. With the tag on the site, we take care of all the integration and implementation work needed for you to start delivering better digital experiences.

This lets you embrace the dependency constraint, as there is no ongoing demand on your development resource. You can run innovative projects that are not held back by the need to cross internal boundaries again and again.

Fewer internal dependencies lead to fewer delays, therefore increasing the likelihood that a project completes.

Work with data and content on the front-end

The front-end integration is key to the technology constraint. Amigo creates a simple, flat, and information-rich layer that you can work on, regardless of underlying legacy IT.

You don’t need to make major tech commitments to use Amigo. In fact you can run Amigo in the customer experience independently of your long-term plan to update and maintain your IT systems.

Contextual experience delivery

Pilot an experience for a fraction of customers and scale easily

This feature enables you to embrace the audience constraint. You can try out experiences on real customers, but only on a subset large enough to gather reliable data.

This reduces risk by letting you try out multiple experiences at once, avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket. It also lets you mitigate any negative side-effects of a new experience by allowing these to be caught and fixed early.

Split test entire experiences

This feature is necessary to the measurement constraint. Comparing a new experience to a live control gives you an accurate picture of its effect and the likelihood that your innovation represents a real improvement.

Accurate and clear measurement reduces risk by reducing uncertainty. The more uncertain you are about the effects of an innovation, the greater the risk in launching it to all your customers. Amigo removes that uncertainty and risk.

Segment users to serve different wants and needs

Addressing smaller groups of customers with more relevant experiences lets you focus more precisely on business goals relevant to small, single department teams. This lets you embrace the team constraint.

By embracing the team constraint and using segmentation, you increase the likelihood that innovation projects will genuinely meet customer needs and solve a problem that employees actually face in trying to do so. Larger teams require too much consensus-building deliberation to embrace innovation.

Modular experience building

Spin up experiences quickly with modular plugins

Amigo’s modular plugin library lets us build digital experiences quickly, while writing a minimum of bespoke code. This helps meet the speed constraint.

When new experiences are built quickly, projects complete faster and this reduces the likelihood of failure.

Efficient reengineering of digital experiences

Development can often be a disproportionately large factor in a project’s cost. Amigo helps you meet the budget constraint by reducing the need for bespoke code.

Our managed service model means you don’t need any IT resource or development hours anyway but by keeping development costs down we pass savings on to the client.

Only process necessary data

Unlike most data-hungry adtech and martech, Amigo helps you work within both the spirit and the letter of data protection regulations by constraining data processing to only that which is absolutely necessary to the delivery of a better, contextual experience for the customer.

This approach puts the customer first, improves security, and reduces regulatory risk.

Certified stable and secure

Amigo is a white-labelled technology trusted by global brands to deliver digital experiences around the world. You can check on a live view of our (consistently great) service uptime on our status page.

Amigo is certified for ISO27001. We are proud to be held to even higher standards than the GDPR.

"“Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. It is easier to justify significant investment in personalisation once the data is there to support it."

Ivan Gowan
Head of Digital Experience

020 3940 4650