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Customer behaviour is changing fast

Businesses need to improve the digital experience to meet new expectations.

However, organisational and technical complexity mean that many enterprises cannot move quickly enough.

Established businesses’ attempts at innovation are failing.

The solution isn’t new tech or a new approach, it’s both

Too much digital experience technology is built for the old ways of doing things, wholesale digital transformation or innovation labs. The Amigo platform is uniquely built to enable constraint-based innovation.

We offer a managed service that solves the problem from both ends, with specialist technology and a distinctively different approach to innovation in the digital experience.

“Amigo allows us to create new and engaging online experiences for our customers at lightning speed with minimal IT effort.”

Conrad Doyle
Director of Product Innovation


Increased enrolment


Increased revenue per visitor


Increased transaction rate

Do you need a way to launch innovative new digital experiences without the risk, cost, or complication?

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