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Amigo gives enterprises a better way to change, in less time, with less cost and less risk.

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Better transformation

The way that businesses change is changing

Everybody seems to know that the old approach to digital transformation has failed.

Leaders talk about iterative, risk-mitigated, and self-funding approaches replacing the long-term, high-investment projects of the past.

White Paper: A New Narrative in Business Transformation
A line graph that shows that success-driven transformation is more efficient than conventional digital transformation.

De-risk everything

We make the better way to change possible

Amigo provides the technical and operational capabilities that let a low-risk, self-funding, success-driven approach to transformation work in even the most complex of enterprises.

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Less time

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Less cost

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Less risk

Stop waiting for transformation of "people, processes and platforms" to deliver success.

Let success drive transformation.

How Amigo works

What we deliver

A repeating cycle that powers transformation

Each cycle through our Decide, Build and Run Services delivers, tests and (if it passes) rolls out a new digital experience, feature, product or service to customers.

Delivering and testing lots of Amigo Experiences at scale provides a better path to business transformation.

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How is it possible?

A purpose-built enterprise-scale technology platform

Our Services are powered by our Platform.

It allows us to deliver Experiences for our clients without changes to existing systems or taxing their development resource.

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What can I deliver with Amigo?


Delivering and testing lots of Experiences in quick succession transforms the enterprise.

Every Amigo Experience is delivered in weeks, sometimes days, and targets a key business metric like revenue not a digital vanity metric like click-throughs.

Amigo Experiences are measured accurately and transparently, split tested and evaluated using a Bayesian method. Our clients get answers quickly supported by hard data.

Amigo's Platform enables a different approach to delivering Experiences. Projects blocked by cost, risk, or IT constraints can be delivered at pace.

Iterating through a sequence of tightly-focussed new Experiences builds momentum for change by compounding lots of individual gains and showing undeniable progress.

Overall Amigo enables a different approach to transformation, where enterprises can transform their interactions with customers in less time and with less cost and risk.

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Amigo makes it easy to get new Experiences to your customers quickly, web or app, digital and in-person.

Click on the themes below to see examples.

Amigo helps remove the technical and operational barriers to product and service innovation.

Example: Hertz - Keyless Cars

A computer, tablet and mobile all showing car rental selection options on the Hertz website.

Amigo facilitated the pilot and staged rollout of keyless car rental across Europe.

The user experience for booking and renting a keyless-enabled vehicle was delivered by Amigo on our Platform.


The Amigo Platform's segment targeting features were used to serve the Experience only when search queries met all the criteria: booking to the location where the pilot was taking place and when one of the small pilot fleet of keyless-enabled cars was both available and relevant.

This enabled a low-risk, low-cost trial on a limited subset of customers and a staged rollout.

Amigo enables new business models and transformation of complex customer journeys across different touchpoints and devices.

Example: Diageo - Direct to Consumer

A computer, tablet and mobile all showing Diageo's The Bar homepage.

Amigo delivered Diageo's new D2C ecommerce Experience as a website and app.


Amigo's Platform was integrated with Shopify and Diageo's fulfilment system in days.

Crucially Amigo allowed the new D2C channel to be delivered on an existing non-transactional web property using as much existing infrastructure as possible. This enabled the build to be ten times faster than building from scratch.

Amigo helps transform engagement with customers to grow brands and protect against market disruption.

Example: Undisclosed Client - Direct Orders

                        computer, tablet and mobile all showing a gradient signifying a confidential project.

Amigo enabled a leading fast food brand to provide a better direct purchasing Experience, with features such as allergen filtering that customers cannot get from intermediaries.


Amigo brought together multiple data sources, including everything from legacy APIs to spreadsheets.

Amigo augmented the online direct booking experience with this new rich set of metadata. The data are now made clearly available and support better filtering and sorting options.

Amigo simplifies transformation of systems, products and services by maintaining a single customer experience across different propositions and touchpoints.

Example: Hertz - Flexible Rentals

A computer, tablet and mobile all showing Hertz's flexible rental products.

Amigo delivered a single customer journey for Hertz customers that included multiple propositions: car and van rental and hourly and long-term rental.


The Amigo Platform was used to bring products and services previously only accessible on separate domains into a single Experience on the main Hertz website.

Crucially Amigo enabled this to be delivered in weeks without re-engineering or integrating the underlying systems.

Amigo improves the business's ability to respond quickly to new data, surprising events and uncertainty.

Example: ICWG - Online Bookings

A computer, tablet and mobile all showing the IMO Car Wash online booking portal.

Amigo delivered a new online booking system for the International Car Wash Group in days in response to new COVID-19 regulations.


Amigo's Experience provides an online booking form on top of the existing information-only website.

Amigo made the Experience possible by supplying a lightweight back-end and a simple interface for employees on location.

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