A Better Way to Change your Business

Amigo is built for success-driven transformation, the fast, low-cost and low-risk alternative to traditional digital transformation.
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Many businesses need to transform but traditional digital transformations are costly, slow, and risky

Traditional digital transformations are challenging because they require you to:

commit to long-term solutions without compelling evidence

re-engineer legacy systems and re-organise legacy functions

co-ordinate disparate teams across organisational boundaries

freeze key commercial progress to allow strategic change

There is a better way

Success-Driven Transformation


Less time

Digital Transformation projects often deliver value too late because they try to deliver in one leap. Success-driven transformation delivers value almost immediately through fast-paced iterative change.


Less cost

Digital Transformation projects replace legacy technology as a precursor to delivering value. Success-driven transformation delivers value in weeks without touching legacy systems.


Less risk

Digital Transformation projects require parts of the business to cooperate across organisational and technical boundaries. Success-driven transformation delivers results without crossing these boundaries.

Amigo is the platform built to make this possible

With our cloud-based platform, you can deliver new Experiences at speed across complex enterprise IT environments.

Access a comprehensive managed service built for success-driven transformation

Every Amigo Experience goes through the Decide, Build, and Run cycle. We work with our clients across these three areas to enable enterprises to transform in less time and with less cost and less risk.

Decide Better

Incremental Improvement

Transparent Feedback

Informed Analysis

Build Faster

Rapid Implementation

Accurate Mapping

Untouched Legacy

Run Safer

Fast Performance

Exceptional Reliability

Global Scale

If you need to deliver change for your customers now, not next year, let's talk.

Amigo runs on Google Cloud

We serve thousands of Experiences every hour to end-users all across the globe, all on top of whatever systems our clients already have in place. As a Google Cloud Partner, we work with the Google Cloud team to deliver lightning fast performance and exceptional reliability.

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