The most efficient way to deliver last mile marketing campaigns

Personalise and optimise customer journeys on your website to maximise marketing effectiveness, encourage advocacy, and increase revenue per visitor.
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Sell more in the last mile

Your communication channels are personalised and targeted. Isn’t it time your website was too?

Last mile marketing

Amigo keeps marketing from being shut out of the last mile, the distance between landing and purchase.

Last mile marketing is about bringing digital tactics from conversion rate optimisation, personalisation and UX design together with marketing’s traditional strategic strengths in segmentation, positioning, and targeting.

Segment customers and treat them to personal and optimal journeys. Test journeys against each other with live data. Deliver user experiences that respect every customer.

Deliver without developers

Imagine delivering complex campaigns on your website without worrying about technology.

Campaign delivery as a service

Amigo lets marketers deliver and lets developers get on with their core tasks. We take a specification from marketing and turn it into a live campaign in days or weeks.

Amigo delivers the campaign data straight into Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or whatever other analytics tool you currently use.

Amigo was built to bridge the marketing execution gap. It lets marketers deliver last mile campaigns regardless of limits on development resource, legacy IT, the limits of their MarTech stack, and disparate, inaccessible data.

You can do all the technical work you will ever need to do to implement a last mile campaign in a couple of minutes by adding a JavaScript tag to your website, similar to Google Analytics.

No more MarTech subscriptions

Amigo delivers last mile marketing campaigns faster than MarTech/SaaS alternatives and at a much lower cost.

Buy campaigns, not software

Why buy the software to build campaigns when you can just buy the finished article at a better price?

Marketing cloud technologies take too long to implement. Marketers get locked into long-term subscriptions with ballooning costs and features that lie around gathering dust. With Amigo, marketers can deliver last mile campaigns from scratch in a couple of weeks.

The software as a service model is too DIY to be productive for many marketers. On the one hand it limits the types of campaigns you can deliver to the features available in the software, on the other it reduces the number of campaigns you can deliver because you have to build them yourself.

Reduce the risk of investment by paying per campaign. Evaluate ROI clearly and accurately with directly-attributable revenue.

“Amigo allows us to create new and engaging online experiences for our customers at lightning speed with minimal IT effort. They are AB testing in overdrive, stitching together complex new journeys that seamlessly integrate within our existing environments.”

Conrad Doyle
Marketing Director


Increased enrolment


Increased revenue per visitor


Increased transaction rate

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