Digital Experience Engineers

A fast and simple way to deliver better digital experiences

The Amigo platform and managed service are a radically more efficient, low-risk way to enable innovation and accelerate transformation.

We deliver the digital experiences critical to your strategic innovation initiatives.

Enterprise power in a startup-sized box


The platform integrates in seconds over a single JavaScript tag.


Amigo serves experiences intelligently, based on customer data, behaviour, and traffic source.


Amigo-powered experiences handle and send data to the tools currently in your stack.

Trusted partners in agile innovation


Project management and problem-solving from a dedicated account manager


A 24/7 automated test bot, in-depth investigations, easy bug reporting and unlimited change requests


Complex, intelligent experiences assembled at speed with a modular plugin library

“Amigo allows us to create new and engaging online experiences for our customers at lightning speed with minimal IT effort.”

Conrad Doyle
Director of Product Innovation


Increased enrolment


Increased revenue per visitor


Increased transaction rate

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