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Amigo is a fast, low-risk and cost-efficient way for enterprises to deliver new digital experiences on top of legacy technology.
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Without Amigo

With Amigo

Need to deliver change like this in weeks, not months or years?

No Development Resource? No Problem.

Amigo is a managed service. That means we turn your design into a live website experience and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Enterprise Relying on Legacy IT? Perfect.

Amigo is built to work on top of legacy technology. We re-engineer digital experiences over a single JavaScript tag.

Need to Build a Business Case? Let’s Go.

Amigo is a cost-efficient and low-risk way to validate innovation. With Amigo’s AB testing features and analytics integrations, you can generate your own hard data.

How It Works

You Design

Amigo works from a specification provided by your in-house design team or agency. We work from any file format and with any tool for designer-developer hand-off.

Amigo Delivers

We use our platform to build your new experience quickly from reusable components. We launch it on top of your existing website over the Amigo tag.

You Decide

Amigo tags sessions in your existing analytics tools. You can prove the business value of innovation and generate ideas for new experience tests.

Google Cloud Technology Partner

The Amigo platform is built with Google Cloud. This lets us serve digital experiences to thousands of people every day on the websites of some of the world’s biggest brands.

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Award-Winning Digital Experiences

Our clients use Amigo to deliver award-winning digital experiences. Enterprises do their best work for their customers when Amigo is there to eliminate worries about technology.

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