Purpose-built technology that makes better change possible

  • Eliminate outbound constraints
  • Easily implement commercial requirements
  • Operate securely, legally, and reliably at global scale

What does it do?

The AMIGO Platform underpins everything we do

The Platform enables new Experiences to be delivered quickly and with low-cost and low-risk even in large, complex enterprises.

Why did we build it?

Better change needs a better way to deliver Experiences

It can be difficult to deliver new Experiences in large enterprises.

The AMIGO Platform is built to solve this problem. It makes the "Decide, Build, Run" method possible.

Real impact

Experiences add real value as new digital journeys, product and service innovation, and major new features, not as small optimisations.

High UX standards

Experiences are fast and smooth for the end user. They are built to high standards of accessibility and usability.


Experiences meet exacting enterprise standards across security, compliance, scale, and reliability.

Quick and easy to deliver

Experiences are built as quickly and efficiently as possible thanks to the Platform's set of modular building blocks.

No back-end changes

Experiences require no changes to back-end systems. Complex new functionality can be seamlessly integrated.

Single line of code

Experiences are delivered into the customer experience across a single JavaScript tag, no waiting for integration.

Flexible scope

Experiences can be switched on and off instantly and rolled out to new segments and territories with ease.


The AMIGO Platform is built for the modern, global, secure enterprise



AMIGO separates data from the public cloud, uses strong encryption, and is certified for ISO27001.



AMIGO is used by global businesses to run high-performance Experiences anywhere in the world.



Data is minimised, anonymised and processed securely in the same territory that it originates.



AMIGO maintains uptime of 99.999% and uses global load balancing and continuous automated testing.