We deliver commercial outcomes
at lightning speed.
We have a unique innovation operating system and tooling that allows us to deliver significant commercial outcomes in days without placing any burden on our clients’ existing technology roadmap or resources.

Our commercial solutions are delivered as AMIGO Experiences. These run on Google cloud’s global infrastructure at lightning speed, with complete reliability, security and compliance. They are powered by existing, computed and enriched multi-dimensional data drawn from server side, browser side and third party sources. They operate for any chosen segment of users depending on criteria deduced in real-time.

Our Technology
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Global Cloud Servers
Amigo leverages the power and reach of Google Cloud Platform to deliver lightning fast experiences anywhere in the world.
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Modular Build
Amigo builds new Experiences that map directly to business specifications using our library of reusable modules.
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Run Time
Amigo delivers extreme performance (< 20ms response), exceptional reliability (99.999% uptime) and a seamless experience to users.
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Data Dictionary
Amigo supports Experiences with a normalised data layer built from existing data from both browser and server side, enriched with new data if required.
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Automated Monitoring
Amigo provides continuous monitoring of all Amigo Experiences to ensure that they are behaving as expected functionally, visually and commercially.
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Analytical Support
Amigo configures experiments to verify hypotheses. Analytical data from experiments is fed directly into your analytics platform.
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Data Compliance
Amigo is GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified. All data is encrypted at rest. Data is stored in specific territories as required.
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Our Technology Continued
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How can we help?
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The rapid development and refinement of new products and services.
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The emergency provision of unanticipated commercial requirements.
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The accelerated integration of products and services from partners and acquisitions.
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Leadership Team
Mike Adam
Mike Adam
Founder and Architect
Feilim Mackle
Feilim Mackle
Executive Chairman
Jake Clarkson
Jake Clarkson
Chief Technology Officer
Jarvey Moss
Jarvey Moss
Chief Operating Officer