What is Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing is Marketing Done Right

It’s quick, razor-sharp and customer-focused. Marketing is about connecting companies with customers - increasing awareness and encouraging preference. Agile marketing is about doing that too – just in a better, quicker and richer way.

Agile marketing draws on the principles of agile software development. In software it means to move quickly, test, learn and adjust. In marketing the principles are the same, but the emphasis changes.

As with all marketing, it’s focused - quite rightly - on your audience.

Agile marketing enables you to:

  1. Enrich your understanding of your audience
  2. Adapt and respond quickly to their motivations and needs
  3. Build and cement stronger relationships with them
  4. Learn from results fast (and continuously develop)

Being agile is nothing new – it’s always been at the heart of the marketing industry. But in today’s environment, we know it can be tricky.

Your audience can (and does) change - all the time. Their wants, needs, expectations, motivations and behaviours are constantly evolving. But it’s not just your audience - your company and products are likely changing too. And don’t forget about your competitors, as well as the industry you’re in.

How do I keep up?

Being agile means you have the ability to respond to your customers’ real-time needs. You’ll know their needs because you can monitor their behaviour quickly during a campaign. You can turn the insights gleaned from previous (and current) tests into the actions of your next ones.

It means you’ll leave room for adjustments and growth, and have the ability to be flexible. It gives your brand a competitive advantage by affording you the space to react quickly.

This allows you to keep at the forefront of your customers’ minds, whilst simultaneously identifying (and optimising) your successful campaigns and scrapping the others.

How can agile marketing help me?

It’s not agile marketing that’ll help, it’s the opportunities working in this way can give you. You are continuously innovating - by realising ideas, testing different options, reacting quickly and informing future campaigns with all the results you find.

The more data you have, measured in real-time, the more insights you can discover. This can give you a better understanding of your customers, and in turn, help identify how best to reach them. And – perhaps most importantly – the ways they want to be reached. This leads to stronger customer-brand relationships, with each customer’s experience being relevant, useful and positive.

That’s not to say the answer lies solely in the data - but if analyses of your campaigns take months (or even longer), you’re not going to be able to adapt quickly enough to optimise them. Even the best ideas need tweaks here and there.

Whilst an idea might be brilliant, if it’s not reacting to your consumers’ needs quickly enough, the idea is wasted and customers can be inadvertently neglected.

Ironic, considering there are more ways to speak with your audience now than ever before. The more avenues you have, the more opportunities marketers can envision. When the opportunities are out there, it seems a shame to lose brilliant ideas because of turnaround time or lack of relevant measurements available.

Let’s get smarter by being agile

Marketers work notoriously fast. They have a lot on their plate, and they’re usually full of inspired ideas. Ideas that, when given the opportunity to flourish, can turn a local store into a household name.

Agility is a behaviour, which sits within an individual. And those individuals belong in marketing. It’s a natural fit. But sometimes environments can stifle agility. It can be near impossible to be nimble and responsive when it can take weeks to get something minor changed on your website.

If your environment doesn’t have the capacity to keep up, or put those ideas into practice – there are ways to work around it.

Here at Amigo, we offer our clients the opportunity to be agile.

We support great ideas, and our clients have a lot of them. Our job is to help you do the things you’ve dreamed of doing. We’re a little add-on to your website – totally invisible to your customers – leaving centre stage ready for your brand to step up and shine.

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