What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing means having the freedom to experiment

Marketers need to be able to try out new ideas, quickly find out what works, and seamlessly move on to their next improvement. This iterative process is the key to agile marketing.

Marketers know this, but too often they’re left hanging.

That's why Amigo eliminates the marketing execution gap.

Agile marketing means creating campaigns easily and efficiently

Creative marketers want to turn their ideas into live campaigns as quickly as possible. We make it easy for them.

Amigo enables agile marketing for a low monthly fee per campaign.

Agile marketing means finding out what works as quickly as possible

Amigo campaigns are A/B tested in our Bayesian framework in order to complete experiments in the shortest possible time.

This allows marketers to get answers quickly and move on to their next great idea.

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