Amigo Experiments

Test your ideas quickly, without having to worry about technology

We believe that the most powerful thing our technology can do is enable marketers to come up with better ideas.

It all starts with a hypothesis

Our tried and tested approach to marketing experimentation relies on rigorous, iterative hypothesis-testing.

To begin the process, we help marketers hone their ideas to produce their best, most precise hypothesis with the highest likelihood of delivering a big uplift in revenue, average order value, sign-ups, or any other metric.

Building a first-class experiment

Your expert account manager will help you design your experiment. They will work with data scientists and developers to ensure that the digital experiences you want to try out are delivered seamlessly into your existing website, to the highest reliability and quality standards, and with robust, bespoke data collection, protection, and analytics.

Delving deeper into analysis

Our flexible reporting framework gives you access to all the data you need and only the data you need.

Diagnose problems and get to know your customers better with more granular journey and behaviour analysis, or rely on our Bayesian A/B testing framework for the certainty you need to take the big decisions.

Maximising profit

Our flexible technology platform allows you to scale winning ideas out to all your customers immediately. Amigo enables you to exploit the insights you gain from your experiment across your business and around the world.

How about this for a hypothesis?


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