Win the Last Mile

Make your website dynamically respond to where users come from, who they are and what they do.


Where users come from

Amigo can dynamically change the website experience based on where a user comes from. The sources that Amigo can use to trigger a campaign include:

Paid Media

As a digital marketer, you are driving website visitors through Paid Media channels. When a person interacts with your adverts, they display their intent. With Amigo, you can personalise the entire website journey to match the user’s initial intent, be that a promotion, product benefit or a USP versus a competitor. 

Customer Referrals

As a digital marketer, you know that your customers are your most effective sales channel. With Amigo, you can deliver a fully personalised referral experience that incentivises your customers to recommend across email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and share code URLs. You can A/B test which reward structure works best. 

Who users are

Amigo can dynamically change the website experience based on who users are. The sources that Amigo can use to trigger a campaign include:

CRM Data

Your CRM is a powerhouse that includes all sorts of handy information about your customers – but can you act on the insights stored in your CRM? Amigo can use snippets of information from your CRM to deliver compelling website experiences that leverage the data you have on your customers.

Email Campaigns

Most CRM strategies rely purely on personalised emails to customer segments, but your website is where customers make their purchase decisions. With Amigo, you can extend your email campaigns to your websites so that the entire customer journey is consistent and effective.

What users do

Your site analytics tells you how your customers behave, but you are probably not able to change the website experience based on what your customers do in real time. With Amigo, you can deliver dynamic campaigns based on:

Onsite behaviour

The behaviour of your site visitors provides insight to what your customers are trying to achieve, and whether they’re able to do this. With Amigo, you can serve campaigns and marketing messages based on triggers such as which sections of a site your customers browse, or how long they’re active on a particular page.

Return visits

Do you know how motivated your customers are to purchase from you? If people keep returning to your site but aren’t converting, there’s probably a reason. Use Amigo to experiment with elements of the customer journey such as UX and price to make it easier for highly motivated customers to convert.

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