Innovation Strategy White Paper

Read our Innovation Strategy Paper, “Three Models of Innovation,” to learn more about how high-performing, innovative enterprises actually get things done.


Amigo is purpose-built for corporate innovators who get things done within constraints, not siloed away in the ‘innovation lab’ or with a packed diary of digital transformation meetings.


    Developer Resources

    While Amigo is not a tool that your development teams will use, we want to make sure that they are happy with all the great things you are about to do.



    Here are all of our policies, terms and conditions that govern the legal relationship between Amigo and our clients, available online and to download. First-time clients will find these attached to our Pilot Proposal.


    If in doubt, always contact your Amigo Account Manager.

    If you do not know your Account Manager or are yet to be assigned one, you can use the form opposite or email: 

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