We work with partners to provide a complete innovation service.

Sell more, faster and with confidence

Amigo accelerates and validates innovation. This means our partners can get through more work for their clients and prove its value with experimental data.

Together we strengthen client relationships and shorten our sales cycles.


  • UX and Service Designers
  • Innovation Management Vendors
  • Strategy Consultants

How we work together

Help the enterprise locate customer pain points and suggest or design solutions. Amigo tests and validates ideas.

Where is the value?

Prove business value with experimental data. Bring unprecedented trust to the client relationship.


  • Analytics Software Vendors
  • Data Analysis Agencies
  • Data Consultants

How we work together

Dig deeper into the data generated by Amigo-powered experiments.

Where is the value?

Run controlled experiments that generate precisely the data you need.


  • Enterprise Software Vendors
  • Management Consultants
  • Digital Training Providers

How we work together

Use the business cases generated by Amigo’s innovation validation to roll out transformation across the enterprise.

Where is the value?

Transform the enterprise with the confidence and momentum that comes from constant innovation and hard data proving its business value.

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