What is the Marketing Execution Gap?

The marketing execution gap is the space between your marketing strategy and what you can actually get done. Marketers are tired of it frustrating their work and holding back their careers.

The marketing execution gap is comprised of five key problems:

MarTech Implementation

MarTech implementation times are a big drag on productivity. In particular, the leading marketing clouds (Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle) take months and often years to implement and integrate with existing technology. MarTech is developing so quickly that marketers are sometimes caught up in seemingly endless cycles of tech upheaval.

Legacy IT

Marketers also find themselves held back by outdated and inflexible technology that simply cannot do what they want. Even things that should be simple become incredibly complicated on insufficient systems. 

Development Resource

The twin problems above are intensified by lack of development resource in enterprises. Most IT teams are already overstretched and have too many pressing concerns to devote months to MarTech integration or campaign delivery. This can lead to the purchase of technology that lies unused and to ballooning campaign delivery times. 

I first became aware of the marketing execution gap in my very first job at Google. As a graduate, I was tasked with increasing the engagement with thousands of lapsing AdWords customers. 

I quickly realised that if I could get the customer to understand the difference between search queries and keyword match types, they would be in a better position to run profitable AdWords campaigns and, as a consequence, spend more. I began to experiment with manually personalising emails with relevant data points.

After seeing a 20% increase in engagement, I went to the development team and asked if we could automate the process. The development team replied that it would be possible and asked me when I needed the data by. In my naivety, I replied "tomorrow morning would be good as I have a meeting with my manager!", to which they replied "how about next quarter?"

If this marketing execution gap exists in Google, I reasoned that it had to exist across every enterprise, and that most enterprises would be suffering more than Google.

-Frederic Kalinke, Amigo Managing Director


Enterprise-size companies in particular suffer from the ongoing problem of siloed and disorganised data. This makes it difficult for marketers to analyse the success of their campaigns effectively and to know how to improve. This problem is only compounded by vague metrics and increasing suspicions about accuracy. 

Stakeholder Management

Enterprise marketers frequently find that they cannot deliver the campaigns they want because internal stakeholder management becomes too complicated. They also sometimes find it difficult to quantify the benefits of their campaigns in order to convince others within the company. This is compounded by some MarTech clouds because their attempts to be comprehensive intrude on too many other areas of the business.

Amigo implements in minutes, works on top of legacy IT, avoids creating extra work for our clients' developers, demolishes data siloes, and presents all your campaign and A/B testing data in clear, comprehensive reports that are easy to communicate to everyone in your organisation.

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