Focus on marketing, not technology

Amigo's managed service means you don't need to lift a finger.


We deliver campaigns. You just add the tag, no development resource required.

Amigo tag + Managed Service

Marketing teams are usually held back from experimenting with their website experiences. This is because of Legacy IT, overstretched development resource and siloed data.

We overcome these barriers as Amigo is just one tag and a managed service. We build campaigns to your specifications, we deliver them into your website at lightning speed, and we measure their effectiveness using a robust statistical framework.

We build campaigns

Amigo turns a website into an agile sales tool by allowing it to respond to where users come from, who users are and what users do. To do this, we build the campaign widgets ourselves to your specifications quickly and cost-effectively.

This means you don’t need to spend millions overhauling your legacy IT systems or distract your core development team from building core product. That’s why development teams also love Amigo.

We deliver campaigns

We deliver your campaigns into your website via the Amigo tag (it looks just like Google Analytics). Our tag takes two minutes to set up and once implemented will deliver campaigns quickly into your website with no impact on page load.

If you’re keen on the finer technical details, you can see our global status page here.

"“Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. The hypothesis creation, campaign ideas, test designs and validation were all very well-managed. It is easier to justify significant investment in personalisation once the data is there to support it."

Ivan Gowan
Head of Digital Experience

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