SaaS Martech's Hidden Costs

6th Oct 2017

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) has becomeĀ a standard delivery model for marketing technology. However itsĀ many benefitsĀ come withĀ hidden costs.

Marketers ought to considerĀ productivity. Learning a new tool can take a long time. Even once you learn the basics, using a SaaS platform to complete a task by yourself will remain less efficient than commissioning an expert.

Needing to learn a new tool can also harm productivity by limiting the quality of your work. TheĀ simpleĀ GUIsĀ (graphical user interfaces) that are common to SaaS platforms make for easy use at first. However, performing complex tasks requires an often under-estimated degree of expertise from users.


With SaaS, users cannot do everything they want because they donā€™t have the time to learn how to use every feature. They are also more likely to make mistakes and fail to notice when they do.

In MarTech this is a common problem withĀ A/B testing. To test accurately, and therefore profitably, users require more statistical expertise than many SaaS platforms suggest is necessary.

Some technologies, including many marketing technologies, are poorly-suited to the SaaS model because of the way that this model leaves users entirely to their own devices.

Can’t get no SaaSisfaction

Even if you could become an expert in a particular SaaS technology, you could still be restricted by the tech itself. SaaS is generally not easy to customise. Many problems will require you to makeĀ feature requests, which are not guaranteed to be met and certainly not quickly.

SaaS platforms also require marketers to use yet another analytics dashboard. They therefore tend to make marketersā€™ jobs more difficult and their workflow less efficient. Structurally, these platforms contribute to the problem of ā€˜siloed data,ā€™ which is a key component of theĀ marketing execution gap.


All these problems share something in common. They take up a lot of marketersā€™ time. In fact, not just marketersā€™ time but the time of others in the same company, particularly developers and IT teams.

SaaS platforms are often a false economy. While they are quick and relatively cheap to adopt, you incur hidden costs as you try to use them to do complex, high-quality work.

Amigo takes on all of these responsibilities for marketers. ThisĀ frees marketersĀ to direct campaigns according to what they want not what they think they can do by themselves.

Your campaigns can be built quickly and to the highest standard by our Account Managers and Developers. Your tests are conducted rigorously and effectivelyĀ by our Data Analysts. You can deliver major, complex campaigns quickly and easily, with comprehensive data delivered into your existing analytics platform.

Marketing is difficult enough without having to do it all yourself. Trying to solve all your problems with SaaS is not just difficult but time-consuming, and that makes it very inefficient.

If you need help to overcome theĀ marketing execution gapĀ and deliver campaigns easily and efficiently,Ā contact us.

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