Amigo Experiments

Test your ideas quickly. Don't worry about technology.

The most powerful thing Amigo can do is enable marketers to test their ideas quickly.

Experiment across every touchpoint in the journey

Amigo lets you deliver last mile campaigns seamlessly into your existing website. As the delivery experts, we ensure reliability and quality. Data collection is robust, well-organised, and usable in both analytics and the user experience.

Test a real hypothesis

Last mile marketing experimentation relies on rigorous, iterative hypothesis testing.

Amigo is designed to support a scientific approach to journey optimisation. All campaigns are organised around a hypothesis that targets a clear business goal, such as revenue, average order value, sign-ups, and so on.

Maximise profit and effectiveness

Our flexible technology platform allows you to scale winning ideas out to all your customers immediately. Amigo enables you to exploit the insights you gain from your experiment across your business and around the world.

"“Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. The hypothesis creation, campaign ideas, test designs and validation were all very well-managed. It is easier to justify significant investment in personalisation once the data is there to support it."

Ivan Gowan
Head of Digital Experience

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