Best-in-class advocacy marketing

Property Partner profit through experimentation, using Amigo to reach new investors in more ways than ever.

Customers driving growth

Property Partner’s customers now drive their growth to an unprecedented degree, as they are able to share rewards and recommendations across social channels and through online links and offline codes. Conversion rates for referred users have doubled and continue to rise thanks to personalised and customised user journeys around the Property Partner site.

Perhaps most valuable of all has been the agility with which Property Partner have been able to deliver brilliant digital experiences for customers. Amigo has enabled Property Partner to improve consistently, harness creativity from around the business, and make highly-informed, evidence-based decisions.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Amigo and Property Partner have fostered an open collaboration that encourages creativity. We have established a constant process of innovation and optimisation that has democratised decision-making, with features evaluated on the strength of the evidence and critical analysis of rich and accessible data.

Delivering strategic goals

As a FinTech challenger, building trust with customers is a crucial goal. Advocacy marketing helps, as customers are more likely to trust a service that they know is used by their friends or family. Amigo enables marketers to embed this social proof throughout the online customer experience.

Along with delivering a campaign that efficiently acquires new customers and builds trust along the way, Property Partner’s other crucial strategic requirement was swift delivery, with minimal interruption to internal design and development sprints.

Easy implementation

The technical implementation of Amigo is designed to be painless for our clients. Amigo is implemented on a site with a simple JavaScript tag, meaning no Property Partner developers were needed by the core advocacy team. Furthermore, Amigo’s Google Analytics app enabled Property Partner to analyse results from the campaign without interrupting their workflows.

We used Invision for Designer/Developer hand-off and always conducted extensive testing on Property Partner’s pre-production site. Amigo’s agile platform enabled feedback at any stage, with UX and UI tweaks easily implemented.

“Amigo have integrated seamlessly with our team and given us a level of agility in our referral marketing that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without draining tech resource from our core product. We’re delivering first-class digital experiences for our customers and the results speak for themselves”.

Ben Law
VP of Marketing and Sales, Property Partner

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