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Amigo enabled PensionBee to deliver referral and content marketing infrastructure without delaying the development schedule.


Amigo enables PensionBee to deliver foundational elements of their digital marketing strategy, such as their content and recommendation infrastructure. While it might seem that PensionBee were spoilt for choice of A/B testing options, only Amigo allows them the agility to experiment with major features of the user experience.

Amigo accelerated the launch of our referral programme, allowing us to focus on core product at a key time in the company’s growth. The deployment was seamless, simple and lightweight, with an option for us to integrate more using their API as we wanted to add more sophisticated features.

Jonathan Lister

CTO, PensionBee

Amigo’s personalisation, advocacy, and content modules enable PensionBee to track and test the entire sales funnel at a granular level.

Amigo’s analytical content marketing integration gives PensionBee total visibility over content sharing and the downstream commercial outcomes driven by each individual article.

“Amigo helps us to introduce, test and scale marketing campaigns. It’s a very agile tool: from recommendation campaigns to prospect nurturing, it allows us to get up and running in hours not weeks.”

Jasper Martens
VP Marketing

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