Evidence-Based Marketing

Amigo enables fast A/B testing so NSPCC get answers quickly and make decisions based on evidence rather than intuition.

Increasing volume of donations

NSPCC use Amigo to increase online donations. NSPCC’s fundraisers canvas ideas from across the organisation, from board-level to entry-level, and use Amigo to test them out quickly and efficiently.

Working with Amigo’s expert account managers, data analysts, and developers, NSPCC can deliver new digital campaigns on Amigo’s own tech platform. This ensures reliability, build quality, accessibility, data security and a high standard of data analysis.

Amigo’s experimental method and flexible analytics enable NSPCC to get a better idea of how donors behave on their website. Amigo enables NSPCC to embrace an open and democratic culture of experimentation, where ideas rise and fall based on evidence and the user experience is all about the donor.

As a marketer for NSPCC, I know our donor audiences well, and often have new and creative ideas on how we can engage them more. Getting internal buy-in on an idea can be a struggle, so being able to validate my ideas via testing is extremely useful when it comes to getting sign off. I’ve been particularly impressed with the speed of Amigo’s campaign delivery, which has been a matter of days in some cases.

Sam Thompson

Senior Digital Fundraiser, NSPCC

The “Donation Ask”

Senior Digital Fundraiser Sam Thompson uses Amigo to answer some of the most difficult questions in digital fundraising, such as when and where to ask online visitors to donate.

This first experiment with “Donation Ask” banners around the site was set up in days and enough data was collected within a few weeks to move on to the next iteration. Amigo gave Sam and the team the hard evidence they needed to get everyone in the organisation to buy in to their ideas.

Amigo’s granular reporting allowed NSPCC to analyse user behaviour in detail, provide a variety of diagnoses, and come up with even more ideas to increase online donations.

“Amigo has quickly become a valued partner to NSPCC. The flexibility of their platform has sparked interesting conversations across multiple fundraising teams. Knowing what Amigo can offer has liberated our marketers to think more creatively about how to engage donors more creatively when they’re onsite, rather than operating a business-as-usual approach”

James Barker
Associate Head of Digital Engagement, NSPCC

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