NH Hotels use Amigo to innovate in the customer experience.


Customer expectations are rising fast, especially in digital experience. NH Hotels use Amigo to test better browsing and booking experiences on their website at speed. They prove value quickly and point the way for future development.


days to deliver

Without Amigo

With Amigo

Increasing Conversion through User Experience

Amigo enabled NH Hotels to test and implement an experimental new user experience (UX) for customers browsing room and service packages online. 

A better UX is a strategic necessity. Travellers’ expectations of UX quality are rising. Apps from AirBnB and Uber onwards have set new standards for ease of use. Digital customer experience is the battleground where disruptive competitors have chosen to engage enterprise travel businesses.

Booking travel can be complicated, so in this sector simplicity is a crucial factor in good UX. NH Hotels provide customers with a wealth of choice, in hotels, rooms, and level of service. While valuable, this risked being difficult to navigate online.

NH Hotels used Amigo to test a new digital experience that simplified and better organised room and rate display online. Thanks to the Amigo platform’s light-touch, non-invasive delivery, a freshly-designed experience went live months earlier than it might have under traditional enterprise development conditions.

The Idea

Make it easier for customers to compare their different room and service options.

Strategic Goal Better Customer Experience, clearer website UX
Customer Pain Point Confusion, difficult to compare lots of different prices

The Execution

Use Amigo to overlay a new digital experience on room rates shopping pages. Make it easier to compare different options. Split test with Amigo.

Delivery Speed 1 week by Amigo using the Amigo platform
Markets ES, UK, FR, DE, NL, IT, PT
Measurement Amigo-enabled AB test with Google Analytics integration

The Outcome

Prove value against key strategy metric and in revenue terms. Use insights to optimise key points in the flow with Amigo.


Strategy Metric Time-to-purchase reduced.
Revenue Effects Conversion rate up 6.8%
Maximise Reward Roll out to 100% of customers and optimise with Amigo