Accelerated advocacy marketing

Amigo enabled IG to add new customers at half the usual cost per acquisition, delivering top of the line advocacy marketing in just four weeks.


IG used Amigo to experiment with advocacy marketing in promoting their Stocks and Shares ISA. IG made referrals a native part of the customer journey and provided referred users with personalised experiences that drove the most efficient growth in the marketing mix.

Through Amigo, IG discovered and proved the value of multi-channel referrals and user-generated content.

“Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. The hypothesis creation, campaign ideas, test designs and validation were all very well-managed. It is easier to justify significant investment in personalisation once the data is there to support it.”

Ivan Gowan
Chief Digital Experience Officer

Amigo’s tried and tested experimental method gave IG the reliable insights that they needed to make wider investment decisions.

Amigo Analytics enabled IG to take a deep dive into the customer journey of referred friends. Measurements such as time from landing to sign-up, views on content pages, or time spent learning about the platform allowed IG to take informed decisions about how to improve.

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