A new culture of experimentation

Amigo enabled Hertz to adopt an agile approach to marketing, redesigning key user journeys with incredible results.

Making promotions more effective

Amigo built and tested new user experiences for the Hertz online booking journey during sales periods. An initial experiment in the UK drove an increase in transaction rate of 4.5%.

Amigo’s flexible platform enabled Hertz to scale out the new user journey to 6 more European territories. This saw a further rise of 11.6% in transaction rate, representing a 12X ROI.

We have been able to test new ideas in order to improve the online customer journey with a lot of flexibility and agility. Something that would usually take a lot of IT effort has been set up within weeks and within a short period of time we have results which we can trust and act on. The Amigo team are great to work with and have provided many creative ideas to push our hypothesis even further.

Charlotte Aldred

User Experience and Development Manager

Increasing customer loyalty

Amigo enabled Hertz to run further experiments in the online booking journey targeted at increasing enrolment in the Gold Member loyalty scheme.

Hertz used Amigo’s ability to test entire customer journeys to achieve a 60% uplift in enrolment. The knock-on effect for revenue was a 12% increase in revenue per visitor.

Hertz are also using Amigo to run experiments on the best ways to up-sell through the customer journey, promote through affiliates, and offer additional services with major partners.

“I would liken Amigo to A/B testing in overdrive, stitching together complex new journeys that seamlessly integrate within our existing environments.”

Conrad Doyle
Director of digital marketing

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