Brittany Ferries test new digital experiences at speed with Amigo.


Digital transformation needs constant innovation. Brittany Ferries use Amigo to deliver and evaluate new designs months ahead of schedule. They generate the hard data required to guide the digital transformation agenda, reduce risk and prove value quickly.  


days to deliver

Without Amigo

With Amigo

Mobile responsive and lightning fast

Delivered across languages and territories


faster estimated go-to-market for new digital experiences

Accelerating Digital Transformation through Rapid Validation

Amigo enabled Brittany Ferries to test and validate their future customer experience months ahead of schedule.

Brittany Ferries launched a wide-ranging digital transformation programme aimed at enhancing every aspect of the customer experience from researching to booking, checking-in, sailing, holidaying and returning home. Despite its long-term, strategic nature, digital transformation lives or dies by short-term results, action and proof with hard data.

In the travel sector, it can be difficult to make rapid progress in the digital customer experience due to the complexity of distribution and its technical implications. However rapid delivery is crucial. Without early validation, businesses are exposed to the risks of investing in sub-optimal experiences.

Thanks to the Amigo platform working on top of existing systems and across Europe, Brittany Ferries tested their ideas for new digital experiences across key touchpoints. These experiments generated the hard data that ensured the digital transformation agenda stayed on the right course.

The Idea

Validate new designs rapidly to de-risk and keep momentum in digital transformation.

Strategic Goal Pace of Change, rapidly delivering and validating new experiences
Customer Pain Point Experience, online UX

The Execution

Use Amigo to overlay and measure new digital experiences at key touchpoints. 

Delivery Speed 1 week by Amigo using the Amigo platform
Markets UK, FR
Measurement Amigo-enabled AB test with Google Analytics integration

The Outcome

Prove value against key strategy metric and in revenue terms. Use insights to optimise key points in the flow with Amigo.

Strategy Metric Delivery schedule brought forward by months
Revenue Effects Realise value of a better experience earlier
Maximise Reward Roll out to 100% of customers and optimise with Amigo