Recommendation Campaigns

Recommendations drive millions in incremental sales.

However, marketers often find it hard to encourage and track them.


Customers often won't recommend if there isn't a simple and compelling way to do so.

Without tracking, recommendations can't be used to personalise the customer experience.

Marketers miss out on conversions and don't know how to improve.


Amigo enables easy sharing of personalised recommendations across all communication channels.

You can track everything, from recommendation through to sale.

A/B testing and text analysis enable continuous insights and improvements.

Oliver's Travels


Oliver’s Travels is a luxury travel company, offering holidays across Europe and the Caribbean to over 30,000 customers a year. 

Oliver's Travels knew that customer recommendations were essential to their success, but they wanted to measure and optimise this behaviour.


It took Oliver's Travels 20 minutes to add the Amigo tag to their site. 

Oliver's Travels' site is now personalised for everyone arriving from a recommendation or share and customers who drive sales are rewarded. 

Oliver's Travels' social media reach is amplified through beautifully-presented user-generated content.

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