Recommendation Campaigns

Every day, millions of suggestions and recommendations may be shared about a product or brand. Sharing of recommendations can account for millions of dollars in incremental sales, as Airbnb have shown.

The compounded effects of harnessing ‘great’ sharing can be 90 times more effective than average sharing.

Marketing teams needs to know what is being said about their brand; where it is being shared; and to be able to optimise and encourage this behaviour.


  • My customers are not empowered to recommend my brand.
  • The means my customers have of recommending my brand are not compelling.
  • I have no way of understanding my customers’ influence or of rewarding my most valuable customers with personalised experiences.
  • I don't have the development resource I need to implement my recommendation campaigns.


A Recommendation Campaign powered by Amigo enables personalised, customised shares from individual customers to social media, by email, SMS, word of mouth and almost any other channel you can name.

Shares to social media are beautifully presented mini-advertisements for your brand that don’t suffer from the “banner blindness” of sponsored links.

The results of these shares are tracked, and the outcomes attributed back to the original customer. This real influence data is incorporated into your customer value measure. Amigo then helps you to deliver product, service, financial or user experience rewards to your customers, based on their value to your business.

All of this is done with minimal impact on your internal developer resource.

Oliver's Travels


Oliver’s Travels is a luxury travel company, offering holidays at hand-picked properties across Europe and the Caribbean. They send over 30,000 customers on fantastic holidays every year.

Holidays and travel are one of the most recommended categories of purchase. Oliver's Travels knew that their customers were sharing and making recommendations, but they wanted to measure, encourage, optimise and personalise this behaviour. However they did not have the development resource available to do this.


It took Oliver's Travels 20 minutes to add the Amigo tag to their site. Then their marketing team designed an Amigo-powered recommendation campaign.

The campaign allowed them to track the outcomes of sharing and recommendation behaviour, to reward customers who drive sales, and to increase brand awareness through beautifully presented social media messaging.

The user experience of the Oliver's Travels site for friends who have been recommended is personalised based on the person who recommended them.

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