Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are one of the oldest tricks in the marketer's book.

The digital age allows better targeting than ever, but not without risks...


  • I want to provide great promotional experiences to segments of my customer base for set time periods.
  • I want to be able to A/B test campaigns to identify which campaign variant drives the most commercial impact.
  • I use voucher codes to offer promotions or discounts but these are immediately propagated online and made available well beyond the intended recipients. This cannibalises sales and hits my margins.
  • I don't have the development resource I need to implement great promotional campaigns.


Amigo powers amazing promotional experiences with minimal impact on client developer resource. Its inbuilt A/B functionality means that you can identify which campaign variants drive the most commercial impact to meet your marketing objectives.

Discounts can be applied to any segment of your customer base, from all of them down, to cohorts or to the individual level. Amigo can limit discounts based on time and usage.

All of this is done with minimal impact on your internal developer resource.



Hertz is the world's leading car rental company, operating from approximately 7,700 locations in 145 countries worldwide. Hertz runs multiple sales periods each year.

During sales periods, discounts were provided using discount codes. Hertz wanted to optimise the user journey for their customers to improve conversion rates.

In addition, discount codes were often pasted on voucher code sites, which could cannabilise revenues.


Amigo improved the user journey by automatically applying the relevant discount for guest and gold member users and by injecting helpful sales messages throughout the reservation journey. This resulted in a significant increase in conversion rate and revenues.

At the same time, Amigo automated the discount injection, concealing the code to prevent misuse.

The impact on Hertz's development team was minimal - all they had to do was implement Amigo in their tag manager.

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