Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are a proven tactic for any marketer.

However, managing them online poses as many risks as opportunities.


Marketers don't have enough control over promotions.

Promotions end up cannibalising sales when marketers can't limit them to targeted groups of customers or expiry periods.

Marketers don't know how to improve promotional campaigns when they lack accurate and detailed performance data. 


Amigo gives marketers the power to limit promotions according to time, usage, and user.

Discounts can be applied automatically to shorten the customer journey and eliminate distractions at checkout.

Amigo collects granular data at every stage of a promotion's application.



Hertz is the world's leading car rental company, operating from over 7000 locations in 145 countries. This means they run multiple concurrent sales, which require a complex system of codes. 

Hertz wanted to prevent the cannibalisation of revenue through code over-sharing and optimise the on-site experience of each promotion.

They also wanted to track the efficiency of their promotions and A/B test them.


With Amigo, Hertz automatically apply the relevant discounts for different users and inject helpful messages throughout the customer journey.

The code is concealed to prevent misuse, without requiring any changes to the underlying discount infrastructure.

Promotions are tracked at a granular level and tested for continuing improvement.

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