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Content marketing is an authentic way to establish trust and credibility, so brands are investing heavily in creating content to acquire and retain customers. Content marketing can also help SEO, as original and compelling content attracts inbound links that can help boost search engine rankings.

However, many brands do not fully understand how their content is being shared. Most people do not share using share buttons. Instead, they use the address bar, copying the link manually and pasting it either into emails or social media posts. In fact, our data shows that at least 70% of shares are typically generated via the address bar.

This is an analytical blindspot for marketers as they are not aware of the shareability of individual content pieces, and whether these shares generate business outcomes.


  • I know how long people spend reading my content, but I don’t know who is sharing what with whom, or when.
  • I don’t know what happens as a result of these shares.
  • I don’t have the development resource to distribute and evaluate my content campaigns completely.


Amigo injects native, multichannel, mobile responsive sharing buttons and can configure the buttons to float or appear in-page.

Amigo tracks “dark social” shares made by users who copy the URL from the address bar, and share this (via email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.).

Amigo then tracks the outcomes of these shares. And your developers barely have to lift a finger. The data is available via our secure dashboard, and you receive weekly reports and insights by email from our analysts.



PensionBee put people in control of their pensions through fairer fees and a brilliant user experience.

Pension Bee create a lot of original content, which helps prospective and existing customers to understand pensions better. For example, they have published the "Robin Hood Index", which quantifies the appalling customer experiences delivered by many incumbent pension providers. 

To understand the marketing impact of PensionBee's content, Jasper Martens (Marketing VP) uses Amigo to inject native share buttons into PensionBee's website and to track address bar shares for each content piece.

The data from his Amigo-powered content campaign tells Jasper not only how popular a content piece is, but also what commercial outcomes it has generated.


PensionBee began by tracking sharing by copy & paste from the address bar. They augmented this with custom sharing buttons. Amigo data now forms a key part of PensionBee’s content creation and promotion strategy.

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