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Effective content marketing establishes credibility and boosts SEO.

However, many brands do not understand how their content is performing.


Most people don't use share buttons. 70% of content shares are copied and pasted from the address bar.

Marketers also miss downstream outcomes of shared content by not tracking shares further than the landing page.


Amigo enables you to track all sharing of your content, including "dark social" URL shares alongside shares from native, fully-configurable, multi-channel sharing buttons.



PensionBee put people in control of their pensions through fairer fees and a brilliant user experience.

To help customers understand pensions better, they create lots of original content, such as the Robin Hood Index.

To understand their content's impact, Jasper Martens (Marketing VP) uses Amigo to inject native share buttons and track address bar shares for each content piece.

With Amigo, Jasper sees exact, granular data on both sharing of content and its link to conversions.


See how Amigo powers PensionBee’s content creation and promotion strategy.

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