Amigo's approach to analytics

22nd March 2018

Amigo helps marketers sell more by turning a website into an agile sales tool. In order to tell marketers which experiments have worked and which need tweaking, we collect and analyse a lot of user behavioural data. We believe that the way we do our analysis is web analytics the right way round. It’s hypothesis-based, rather than product-based. It defines and collects data according to your unique needs. It injects campaign data into your existing analytics tool, rather than making you sign into yet another dashboard.

The industry standard

Most platforms measure a set of data points, rigidly defined across the whole system and presented at an aggregate level. The market leader, Google Analytics, is powerful but inflexible. You can only measure the same things as everybody else. For example, you work with a definition of a ‘Visitor,’ that has to work not just for you but everybody who uses Google Analytics.

Different sites have different needs, so even if a web analytics platform served your needs perfectly, it would only do so by compromising on serving everybody else.

A hypothesis-based approach

Amigo Analytics provides the necessary supplement to your existing web analytics platform. (We deliver data straight into Google Analytics, for example.)

With Amigo, you order experiments that are designed to evaluate hypotheses (we wrote about this in eConsultancy here). That means we define and measure every data point you need. Whatever the user behaviour, if it is necessary for the experiment, we will find a way to measure it. Valuable information won’t fall through the gaps, like it might with a one-size-fits-all platform approach.

This also means we don’t end up swamping you with more data than you need. This is part of our commitment to privacy by design, and it also leads to better analysis. By blocking out the noise, you can focus on the data that really matter.

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