Amigo pricing

Transparent and flexible

Our fees

We have two types of fees: one-off fees and monthly fees. Each of these is charged per campaign.

One-off fees

Your one-off fee is charged (once!) when you ask us to set up your new campaign. It is made up of your Amigo modules and any add-on services you require.

Amigo modules

Amigo modules represent what you actually want to create. If you want your website to respond intelligently to customer behaviour, we have a module for that. If you want to give your customers an easy way to refer friends, we have a module for that too. If you want to combine the two, it’s just two modules.

You can build a campaign out of as many modules as you like, but you will need to use at least one.

Add-on services

Add-on services give you flexibility in how much work you need us to do.

Maybe you have a great UX designer in-house, but no copywriters, or maybe you have both but they’re all tied up in other projects. You can exclude or include as many parts of the build process as you like, from UX design, UI design, copywriting, AB testing, data analysis, and bespoke development or platform integration work.

Monthly fees

Your monthly fee is charged (monthly!) from the launch of your campaign.

There are three things that determine your monthly fee:

  • how many Amigo modules your campaign is using
  • how many websites your campaign is implemented on
  • how much traffic your campaign is getting

Your monthly fee covers maintenance and automated testing, as well as all sorts of changes to elements within the campaign.

Monthly fees start at £400 and increase gradually with scale.

Tier Audience Size
A less than 4000
B 4k to 20k
C 20k to 100k
D 100k to 500k
E 500k to 2.5M
F 2.5M to 12.5M
G more than 12.5M

How much does a pilot campaign cost? ✈️

Your pilot is what we call your first ever Amigo campaign. Pilots usually run for three months and cost somewhere between £3000 and £10000 in total.

List of Amigo Modules and Add-ons

In-page data

build campaigns around data exposed in the browser

External data

build campaigns around the things you already know about your customers

Interactive campaign

ask your users for data and then build campaigns around it

Onsite behaviour

build campaigns that respond to user behaviour on your site

Paid media

optimise your site for the last mile of PPC ad campaigns

Email marketing

optimise your site for the last mile of email marketing

Influencer marketing 

optimise your site for the last mile of influencer campaigns

Content marketing

integrate content marketing into your campaigns

Promotional marketing

integrate promotions into your campaigns

Affiliate and partnership marketing

optimise your site for the last mile of affiliate and partnership marketing

Advocacy marketing

build an advocacy marketing campaign

Offline marketing

optimise your site for the last mile of offline marketing


run campaigns anywhere

Amigo Analytics

regular performance reports and in-depth end of experiment reports

Google Analytics

Amigo campaign data delivered directly into Google Analytics

Other 3rd-party analytics integration

Amigo campaign data delivered directly into your existing analytics platform

CRM integration

Amigo campaign data delivered directly into your CRM platform


trigger emails automatically from your Amigo campaign


fulfil promotional offers automatically or with data in any format

*NEW*Amigo Accounting 🙌

live campaign data that can be routed back into campaigns

Experiment design

determining the right testing approach, setting up split tests, and establishing an experiment schedule

UX design

mapping the groups of users involved and their potential journeys through the campaign

UI design

designing the visual user interface


writing the copy presented to users through the campaign

Bespoke development work

adding features to the Amigo platform, especially for you 🙋

Hey marketer, what's the one thing you'd love to test?