How we price your Amigo campaign

Why pay an exorbitant annual subscription for software that lets you deliver campaigns, when you can just buy the finished article at a better price?

Only pay for what you deliver

No more software subscriptions. No more paying for unused features.

Each campaign has two fees, a one-off fee and a monthly fee.

You can optimise and update your campaigns on top of these fees at no extra cost.

One-off fees

Your one-off fee is charged (once!) when you ask us to set up your new campaign. It is calculated according to the complexity of your campaign, represented by the number of modules it will use.

Amigo modules

Amigo modules represent what you actually want to create. If you want your website to respond intelligently to customer behaviour, we have a module for that. If you want to give your customers an easy way to refer friends, we have a module for that too. If you want to combine the two, it’s just two modules.

You can build a campaign out of as many modules as you like, but you will need to use at least one.

Monthly fees

Your monthly fee is charged (monthly!) from the launch of your campaign.

There are two things that determine your monthly fee:

  • how many campaigns you have live
  • how much traffic your site gets

Your monthly fee covers maintenance and automated testing, as well as all sorts of changes to elements within the campaign.

Monthly fees start at £400 and increase gradually with scale.

Tier Audience Size
A less than 4000
B 4k to 20k
C 20k to 100k
D 100k to 500k
E 500k to 2.5M
F 2.5M to 12.5M
G more than 12.5M

How much does a pilot campaign cost? ✈️

Your pilot is what we call your first ever Amigo campaign. Pilots usually run for three months and cost somewhere between £3000 and £10000 in total.

List of Amigo Modules and Add-ons

Website data

Use what you know about customers in the browser.

Network data

Use information the browser can fetch from your servers.

Customer data

Use customer data that your website otherwise cannot access.

User behaviour

Respond to how your customers use your website.

User choices

Ask customers to choose how to tailor their experience.

Live data

Use aggregated data streamed live from your campaign.

Paid media

Respond to paid media and advertising traffic.


Respond to email traffic.


Respond to users arriving from influencer marketing.

Affiliates and partnerships

Respond to traffic from affiliates and partners.


Track and respond to content sharing (with one-to-one tracking even for simple address bar shares).


Give referred users a personalised experience.

Offline marketing

Integrate your Amigo campaigns with offline, above- and below-the-line marketing.

AB and multivariate testing

Split traffic at random to test the effects of your campaigns and their features.


Display static content without going through the CMS.


Change messaging for segments of users.


Re-style the user interface.

User flow

Re-engineer user journeys around your site.


Inject complex dynamic widgets.


Update user data behind the scenes.

Content management

Use Amigo to host and manage assets to use in campaigns.

Amigo Analytics

All your campaign data, in flexible formats, uploaded every morning.

Google Analytics

Send campaign data directly into your Google Analytics dimensions and mark up your site for tracking.

Other analytics integrations

Send campaign data straight into Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, and more.

Salesforce CRM

Amigo is seamless with Salesforce, straight out of the box.

Other CRM integrations

Get your campaign data into whatever CRM platform you use.


Hassle-free fulfilment of campaign offers and promotions

Email automation

Trigger emails from your Amigo campaign by sending events straight to your email marketing platform.

Hertz Free WiFi

This campaign uses these Amigo modules:

  • Website data
  • User choices
  • Email automation
  • Fulfilment
  • Localisation
  • Display
  • Amigo Analytics
  • Google Analytics

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NSPCC Donation Asks

This campaign uses these Amigo modules:

  • Website data
  • Display
  • User behaviour
  • AB Testing
  • Amigo Analytics

Read more about how NSPCC use Amigo.

Property Partner Recommendations

This campaign uses these Amigo modules:

  • Website data
  • Customer data
  • User choices
  • Advocacy
  • Display
  • Messaging
  • Widgets
  • Amigo Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Fulfilment

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