Development teams love Amigo

Developers, relax. Amigo is made for marketers but it can help you out too.


Amigo lets marketers run campaigns on their website through a JavaScript tag. The campaigns are composed of widgets that are injected into the page as fully-resolved HTML.

Let marketing get on with it

We take on all the work of building, implementing, testing, and analysing marketing campaigns on your website. You can focus on core product. Seriously, let us take care of the boring stuff and get back to that elegant solution to a complex essential problem you’ve been working on.

The only technical job we require from clients is the initial addition of our JavaScript tag.

“Amigo was incredibly easy to set up on our site. The hypothesis creation, campaign ideas, test designs and validation were all very well-managed.”

Ivan Gowan

Chief Digital Experience Officer, IG

We don’t mess with what you’re up to you

Our campaigns run on top of existing websites. We don’t intrude on your core site functionality, so in the very unlikely event (see our real-time status page) we do go down, your site is unaffected.

Everything is white-labelled so we’re invisible and we don’t rely on any third-party cookies.


“Amigo accelerated the launch of our referral programme, allowing us to focus on core product at a key time in the company’s growth. The deployment was seamless, simple and lightweight”.

Jonathan Lister

Chief Technology Officer, PensionBee

You can rest assured about security

We keep our PostgreSQL data stores and primary application stack on Heroku. All data is encrypted at rest, all Amigo endpoints support SSL, and the tag only requests access to 2 external Amigo URLs.

We never use potentially insecure technology to inject widgets into the page. That means no injection via iFrames.


Real-time testing suite, straight away 🤖

All Amigo campaigns are monitored around the clock by our automated testing bot. We notice even the slightest changes in production. We sometimes even spot bugs on our clients’ sites before they do.

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