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Each month we invite a small group of marketers to breakfast. Over coffee, pastries, Eggs Benedict and so on, we lead a discussion on a theme plucked from the marketing zeitgeist.

At previous breakfasts we’ve discussed key industry topics such as customer psychology, experimentation, women in marketing, innovation, customer feedback and more.

We have hosted a wide variety of marketers from brands across industry, including professionals from travel, finance, media, charity and technology. Our next breakfast is on behavioural economics and nudge theory in marketing on June 27th. Find out more below.

120+ marketers from these brands have attended:

100% of attendees have rated Amigo breakfasts 5/5 or 4/5 stars

The next Amigo breakfast on June 27th

Our next breakfast is titled ‘Behavioural Economics and Nudge Theory in Marketing – Winning the last mile’.

As products and services continue to be digitised and disrupted, how do marketers evoke human responses to their calls-to-action and deliver trustworthy digital experiences so that customers sign-up and stay? 

In this breakfast we are inviting marketers to debate and discuss these questions:


  • How can nudge theory enhance the ‘last-mile’ of a customer journey?
  • How should you personalise customer journeys?
  • What is the best way to up-sell and cross-sell through ‘nudges’ without interrupting the experience?
  • Does segmentation lead to better marketing outcomes?
  • How can social norms be used to inform marketing messages?
  • How can you activate nudge theory to improve conversion rates?

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