How Amigo co-exists with SEO

10th Oct 2017

The two most important things to know about Amigo and search engine optimization are:

  1. Amigo is largely irrelevant to SEO. We instruct Googlebot not to fire Amigo, so it sees your site without any Amigo campaigns.
  2. Google encourages the sort of testing that you can do with Amigo. Even where SEO problems could arise with Amigo, there are easy solutions.

The issues explained in the rest of this blog are therefore peripheral. It is intended to reassure you, rather than encourage you to take any action.


Having multiple different versions of a page can harm SEO but is necessary for A/B testing. Google could interpret it as “cloaking,” showing different things to search engines than to your visitors.

However as Google encourages testing, this problem can be avoided by complying with Google’s own guidelines. You can use canonical links to tell search engines which page is the original and you will not be penalised for running experiments.

Google might interpret a test as an “attempt to deceive” if the test is run for an “unnecessarily long time.” This is not an issue for Amigo campaigns, which run only for as long as it takes for a Bayesian A/B/n test to pass.

Page Speed

Page speed can be an important factor in SEO. Amigo avoids damaging your SEO here by both instructing Googlebot not to fire and having little to no impact on site speed anyway.

In fact, your SEO may indirectly benefit from your use of Amigo, as you will discover permanent improvements to your site.

As marketers use Amigo to experiment, winning variants frequently become a website’s new norm. Many of these winning variants will be from campaigns that, amongst other things, improve UX and mobile responsiveness. There are potential SEO benefits to both of these enhancements, not least for page speed. Therefore, when a winning variant is adopted by a website, it often reaps SEO rewards by default.


Any further questions about Amigo and SEO can be directed to your Account Manager, who will be happy to answer in detail.

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